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Sparkling white teeth!

At Today Dental of Mansfield, we understand that stained, lackluster teeth can affect more than just your smile. Our custom trays, in-office professional whitening, and whitening kits are here to meet all your teeth-whitening needs.

Caring people caring for people

Uncover a new standard of dental care at Today Dental of Mansfield. We’re not just about pearly whites; we prioritize building lasting relationships with our patients.

Life event on the horizon?

Whether it’s saying “I do” or reconnecting with friends, whitening your teeth is the ultimate shortcut to a younger, vibrant look. No fuss, no pain – we’ve got you covered!

Pain free whitening technique

At Today Dental of Mansfield we offer multiple options tailored to brighten your smile without the usual post-op sensitivity. As a bonus, receive complimentary desensitizing gel.

Lower cost, whiter teeth!

At your Mansfield dentist we understand the pressures of teeth whitening, staying stylish, and managing your finances. Relax, as we not only accommodate your budget but also bring you top-quality dental care at a reduced cost.

New Free Whitening 4 Life

Now offering unlimited free whitening at Today Dental of Mansfield! During your first visit, we’ll whip up custom whitening trays for you. Plus, claim a free tube of whitening gel each time you swing by for a cleaning!

Teeth whitening that doesn’t hurt

We have multiple options in our Mansfield dental office, allowing you to whiten your teeth without the post-op sensitivity. We also provide desensitizing gel free of charge.

Beautiful white teeth

At Today Dental of Mansfield we understand stained, dingy teeth can affect more than just your smile. We have take own custom trays, in-office professional whitening and whitening kits for all your teeth whitening needs.

Big savings & low cost

We in Mansfield understand the stresses of whitening teeth, looking good, and trying to stay within a budget. We can fit within your budget and with room to spare! Our efficiency allows us to bring your better quality dental care at a lower cost.

Whiter teeth for a life event

Getting married or visiting friends you haven’t seen in years? Whitening teeth is a quick, painless, and easy way to make you look and feel younger. We’ve got you covered.

Free Whitening 4 Life

At Today Dental of Mansfield we have a free whitening program for new and returning patients. At your first visit we’ll make you custom whitening trays. Then get a free tube of whitening gel everytime you come in for your cleaning!

Gentle dentists who care

Discover a different kind of dental care. Today Dental of Mansfield goes beyond just white teeth – we focus on building lasting relationships with our patients.

Beautiful White Smiles


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Mike D.

Everything went perfectly. I was early and had no wait to get into exam room. Hygienist was polite and very efficient. Dentist was equally so. This was just what I was hoping would happen and it did. Will return. This is what a doctor's office should strive to equal.

Jasmine G.

100% recommend! Dr. Hubbard & lovely staff always attended me with great care. Today was my last appointment for Invisalign and I am beyond happy with my results. Highly encourage to do Invisalign under care of an orthodontist for sure!

Tori D.

So far it's been a good experience! The dental work I'm having done takes time it's a timely process and once it's complete I'll be happy to give another review! The staff and receptionist are very kind and friendly! Hope everyone has a great experience!

Daun F.

Today was our first time at Today Dental and it was such a pleasant experience. Everyone was so nice and accommodating and my daughter felt comfortable. She loved watching the TV while she got her exam and cleaning. We will definitely be back!!

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FREE Teeth Whitening

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect this to be finished?

Skip the weeks of waiting! Achieve a brighter smile in a single professional whitening session (Zoom/Boost) using stronger gels and light activation.

Does this whitening option work on teeth with veneers or crowns?

Heads up! Whitening won't affect your veneers or crowns, but your dentist at Today Dental of Mansfield can help you explore solutions for achieving your desired smile shade.

Could you tell me the cost involved?

Free teeth whitening for everyone! At Today Dental of Mansfield, we provide custom whitening trays, gel, and a case to all patients, completely free of charge. We'll even keep you stocked with gel and replace lost trays at no cost. For a quicker whitening boost, explore our in-office professional service, typically priced between $200-$300 (look for holiday specials for additional savings).

Am I a good candidate for teeth whitening?

Exploring your whitening options starts with understanding your teeth! Each smile is unique at Today Dental, and so is its suitability for whitening. We factor in your current teeth condition, oral health, and desired results before recommending treatment. While typically effective for stains caused by age, food/drinks, and smoking, whitening might not be suitable for untreated cavities, gum disease, or other dental issues.

Is it safe for me to whiten my teeth at my age?

Consider waiting on teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is generally not recommended for individuals under 16 at Today Dental. This is because their teeth are still developing and more sensitive. We can help you decide if waiting until you're older is best or explore alternative options for achieving a brighter smile later.