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“I’m so scared of dentists but Today Dental made me feel extremely comfortable. They really do cater to cowards ; )”


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Need immediate attention? Today Dental of Mansfield is renowned for our same-day appointments! It’s not just a name; it’s a promise to get you out of pain today! Breathe easy, knowing you’re heading to the perfect place.


Whether it’s an emergency or a routine checkup, we’ve got your back within your budget. No insurance? No problem! Explore our CareDent in-office discount plan at Today Dental for affordable dental treatments.

Excellent experience

Get ready for an amazing dental journey with our experienced doctor at Today Dental in Mansfield. We’ll fix that tooth, resolve your dental emergency, and have you grinning in no time!

Fast and pain free!

Nothing’s worse than tooth pain, but fear not! Your Mansfield dentist is here with a gentle touch to whisk away that discomfort. We know your time is precious, so let’s get you in today for a pain-free experience!

Join our dental family

We’re not your typical pushy or heavy-handed dentist. At Today Dental, we believe in treating you like family. Dental emergencies may come and go, but our commitment to patients lasts a lifetime. Get ready for personalized care!

Stress-free appointments

Say goodbye to dental pain or broken teeth agony. We’ve got multiple sedation options—IV sedation, Conscious sedation, and Laughing Gas—making sure you’re relaxed and comfortable for any dental emergency.

Easy, stress-free visit

Stop the agony of putting up with dental pain or broken teeth. We have various sedation options (IV sedation, Conscious sedation and Laughing Gas) to make sure you’re comfortable.

Quick and painless

Nothing is less fun than having tooth pain. When you need our help, we’ll be there with a gentle touch. At your Mansfield dentist we understand time is of the essence. Let’s get you in today!

Same day appointments

That’s our forte! Today Dental of Mansfield is known for getting you in today! That’s why we’re called Today Dental…. We get you out of pain today! Breath easy knowing you’re coming to the right place.

The experience you deserve

See our doctor with years of experience. Today Dental in Mansfield will get you in today to fix your tooth, get you out of pain and get you smiling again.

Saving money

Whether its an emergency or just a check up we’ll work within your budget to get you out of pain and get back to smiling. No insurance, no Problem! We’ve got you covered with our CareDent in-office-discount plan. Today Dental = Affordable Dental Treatment

Someone to treat you like family

We are not the pushy, over-treating, heavy handed dentist. We believe in treating you right. Dental emergencies come and go but our patients last a lifetime.

Don’t wait, we’ll get you in Same Day!


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Mike D.

Everything went perfectly. I was early and had no wait to get into exam room. Hygienist was polite and very efficient. Dentist was equally so. This was just what I was hoping would happen and it did. Will return. This is what a doctor's office should strive to equal.

Jasmine G.

100% recommend! Dr. Hubbard & lovely staff always attended me with great care. Today was my last appointment for Invisalign and I am beyond happy with my results. Highly encourage to do Invisalign under care of an orthodontist for sure!

Tori D.

So far it's been a good experience! The dental work I'm having done takes time it's a timely process and once it's complete I'll be happy to give another review! The staff and receptionist are very kind and friendly! Hope everyone has a great experience!

Daun F.

Today was our first time at Today Dental and it was such a pleasant experience. Everyone was so nice and accommodating and my daughter felt comfortable. She loved watching the TV while she got her exam and cleaning. We will definitely be back!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Would it be feasible to see a dentist today?

Need immediate dental care? Today Dental lives up to its name! We'll see you today at our Mansfield location, or if closed, refer you to our sister office close by. Don't suffer - get the care you deserve, today!

Will there be a price difference for an appointment booked today?

Life throws curveballs, and dental emergencies are no exception. Here at Today Dental of Mansfield, we offer consistent, low fees for both routine and emergency appointments. Your peace of mind is our focus.

Urgent help needed! My front tooth is broken. What should I do?

A healthy smile is vital! At Today Dental, we prioritize your well-being. Come in today for same-day appointments addressing various concerns, including pain, fractures, discoloration, and chips. We'll get you smiling again, quickly and effectively!

I'm considering different dental options. Why should I choose Today Dental?

Your smile is our priority at Today Dental of Mansfield. We treat you like family, offering fast, thorough, and gentle care that fits your budget. Schedule your appointment today and experience the Today Dental difference!

I need a temporary solution for this issue until I can schedule an appointment with my dentist. Can you offer any suggestions?

Wedding coming up and need a quick smile fix? At Today Dental, we offer both temporary and long-term solutions. We understand wanting to keep your regular dentist – no pressure to switch! Come experience our family environment, and decide if you'd like to continue your dental care with us!